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Philadelphia plant sentenced for environmental violations

August 14, 2012

PHILADELPHIA — The U.S. Department of Justice sentenced Nupro Industries Corp. to three years’ probation and a $200,000 fine for criminally tampering with samples of the wastewater it was discharging into Philadelphia’s sewer system.

Nupro Industries, which manufactures oils and esters at its plant in Philadelphia, pleaded guilty on March 2 to criminally tampering with a required monitoring method under environmental laws.

Under the environmental pretreatment permits that Nupro had with the City of Philadelphia, Nupro was required to monitor the pollutants in its industrial wastewater by taking representative samples of its wastewater and submitting the samples for testing for specified pollutants, such as pH and ethylbenzene.

From 2006 to June 2007, Nupro watered down the samples, making the samples non-representative, in order to dilute the pollutants and to appear to be in compliance with the pollutant limits under the permits.

“Companies have a responsibility to conduct their business in a manner that complies with the environmental laws and regulations which promote public safety,” said Zane David Memeger, United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. “Today''s sentence sends a strong message to the business community that these laws and regulations are not optional.”