Processing Magazine

Plastic forklift container replaces corrugated boxes

October 2, 2009
The heavy-duty forklift container features a rugged, pallet-less design that permits heavy, jagged metal chips, turnings, shavings, pucks, briquettes and other scrap metal, glass and plastic to be captured at the machine work station and transported for recycling without transferring the material to a separate shipping container or affixing the loaded container to a pallet. Ideal for machine shops, scrap waste brokers and recycling companies, the reusable container is rotationally molded in a single piece of 100 percent high density polyethylene based on a sophisticated 3-D solid modeled design to accommodate up to 600 lbs. of weighty, dense materials without bending, bowing or cracking. The rigid plastic container is chemical-resistant and cannot absorb lubricants, greases, coolants, water or other fluids that weaken the Gaylords and other corrugated containers commonly used and discarded when managing industrial scrap. With a smooth interior, the sturdy bulk container cleans easily and empties completely when dumped.