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Power Pack Offers Quiet, Convenient Alternative to Generators, Extension Cords

November 8, 2010
For virtually any application requiring portable electric power, the Portable Power Package offers many advantages over extension cords or generators. Quiet, reliable, and compact, it provides AC power for indoor or outdoor use. The Portable Power Package draws on a rechargeable battery to provide integrated, seamless power. Outdoors, it is well suited for mobile concessions, remote LED signage, trailers, etc. It is also ideal for indoor use wherever a powered device needs to be used in more than one location and/or where power may not be otherwise available (the far corners of warehouses, manufacturing facilities, loading docks, remote storage areas, etc.). Housed in a sealed but fully ventilated steel cabinet (16” x 16” x 12”) and competitively priced, the unit comes standard with an inverter, battery status meter, wire harness, and “smart charger.” It is available with four different battery/inverter/charger configurations. Weight ranges from 65 to 170 pounds. Run time varies according to use. One example: Model PP12 will power a laptop computer and small printer for 8 hours.