Processing Magazine

Powerful Crusher with Unique Versatility

October 26, 2010
The powerful, high-capacity crusher easily reduces large volumes of wet, dry, sticky, hard, and soft agglomerates and lumps to a free-flow condition. The unit features an efficient low-friction cutting action that is excellent for processing large quantities of chemicals, fats, sludge cake, plastics, waste and more, according to the manufacturer. This straight-thru unit utilizes specially designed teeth that rotate through a bar cage with a complete self-cleaning action. Solids are reduced to their basic grain size without over grind, heat rise or fines. Lumps up to the full inlet opening size can be processed. The unit runs at low speed and creates little vibration or noise. The crusher is constructed with a one-piece, seamless body and has individually replaceable teeth. It is supplied with lip-type shaft seals and heavy tapered roller bearings.