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Powerful on-site shredding system improves security

January 7, 2009
The powerful, twin-shaft document shredding system can destroy massive quantities of sensitive documents in minutes. This on-site system facilitates centralized destruction of confidential material, outputting chips not strips for a high level of security. This unit can plow through piles of documents, checks, clips, booklets, folders, 3-ring binders, containers, CD-ROMs and more. A TASKMASTER document shredding system can provide a quick payback by eliminating the need for mobile shredding services which can result in the savings of up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees. Additionally, the use of this high-capacity shredding system can result in the elimination of the need to segregate confidential and non-confidential waste which can result in improved security. The heart of the system is a 20 HP twin shaft shredder with special cutters and extra heavy duty drive that quickly and easily processes up to 2.750 pounds per hour of large stacks of documents, folders, checks, boxes, binder, clips, and containers. The shredder works at low speed with high torque for quiet, yet extremely efficient operation.