Processing Magazine

Powerful, versatile crusher ideal for mixing large quantities of chemicals or plastics

December 22, 2009
The mixer reduces hard or soft, heat sensitive, sticky or wet agglomerates and lumps at high volume without degrading the material or causing rise in temperature. The unit employs extended cutting teeth that rotate completely through a heavy bar cage, self-clearing the slots with each rotation. Each tooth is built for precise balance, interchangeability and smooth operation. Output sizes are adjustable by changing the speed or the comb. The size of the material handled could be as large as the throat opening. The unit is provided with a one-piece seamless uni-body housing. Optional features include an extended outboard bearing, convenient side-door for easy access, and hopper for feeding. The ultra compact mixer is designed to be used in open or closed systems such as ducts, chutes or pipes and requires only 13-inch headroom space in-line. The unit’s low-friction cutting action is excellent for large quantities of sludge cake, agglomerated chemicals, plastics, fats, waxes or solid waste.