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Precisely meter lime, bulk powder and solids into your process

March 16, 2009
Meter lime, activated carbon, calcium carbonate and other powders and bulk solids into your system without the need for a mechanical conveyor by using this precise conveying system available from the manufacturer. The solids are directly introduced into your liquid flow plumbing, as pre-blended slurry, resulting in reduced mixing time and increased efficiency. Maintenance requirements and power consumption are also reduced. With no mechanical conveyors, your plant layout considerations can be quickly accommodated by simple adjustments to your plumbing. Metered accuracy of your product is assured through the use of the manufacturer’s in-house feeder and bulk bag unloader, further increasing efficiency with longer, uninterrupted production runs. Other equipment used in water treatment systems includes the manufacturer’s tubular drag conveyor systems. Tubular drag conveyors are flexible in their layout possibilities, extremely durable and useful in water treatment de-gritting system applications. It is a conveyor operating inside a pipeline. The totally enclosed system is designed to handle a wide range of flow-able materials 24/7, and provides a high degree of protection, isolation and cleanliness. Being a “liquid-tight system” it prevents seepage and confines odors, making it ideal for these wastewater treatment applications. Elastomeric washers tightly seal the chain links pin and bearing surfaces, preventing any wear and abrasion by the conveyed materials. The unit also comes with the manufacturer’s exclusive Performantee!