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Pressure and Temperature Switches Certified for Operation in SIL2 Environments

May 25, 2010
The BETA switches are certified to the exacting IEC 61508 safety standard. To obtain SIL2 certification, the products must be analyzed based on quantitative data and tests indicating the length of time between failures and expected performance in the field. This certification helps reduce risk at the process measurement level when implementing Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) in process plant environments, such as offshore oil platforms, chemical plants, and refineries. The BETA line of pressure and temperature switches features spring-loaded, self-aligning diaphragm/piston sensors. Limited piston travel transmits pressure at the diaphragm directly to the microswitch; there are no intervening linkages or mechanisms and full protection is provided against high over-range pressure. The switches are engineered for maximum over-range protection of up to 5800 psi.