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Pressure Transmitter Ideal for Pharmaceutical Applications

December 6, 2010
The pressure transmitter is a highly sensitive and accurate instrument. In addition to pressure measurements, it also has air velocity and air flow functions. The pressure trasmitter includes the following: Measuring Ranges from as low as ± 0.4-inches H2O to as high as ± 29 PSI; Configurable intermediate and center zero ranges; Accuracy as tight as ±(1-percent rdg. + 0.008-inches H2O); 0.01-inch H2O Resolution; Pressure units include: inH2O, PSI, Pa, kPa, mbar, & mmH2O; Simultaneous display of two parameters; Two visual (dual color LED) and audible (buzzer) alarms; Software or keypad configuration; Two output 4-20 mA or 0-10 V (4 wires), RS 232, 2 RCR relays 6A/230 Vac; and Software or keypad configuration.