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Pump designed specifically to handle sanitary and hygienic applications

May 5, 2009
The pump was designed specifically to handle the most demanding sanitary and hygienic applications. Certified to 3A standard 44-03 and EHEDG doc. 2 and doc. 8, the 25 mm (1”) stainless steel pump can be configured to be clean in place (CIP) capable. The pump comes equipped with the manufacturer’s patent-pending air distribution system (ADS) including the Efficiency Management System™ (EMS) that allows the user to control flow rate as well as efficiency with the simple turn of a dial. The Pro-Flo X™ ADS provides reliable operation; high flow rates, with superior efficiency and anti-freezing characteristics. All product contact surfaces have a max. Ra 0.8 μm (32 μ-in). The pump features SMS 1145 and DIN 32676 (ISO 2852) connections. A patented offset check valve simplifies assembly. CE Mark. ATEX certified models available. Liquid chamber designed for superior delicate product handling, drain-ability and diaphragm life.