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Pump Meets the Needs of Laboratory Operations

September 13, 2010

The Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump was developed for use in laboratory applications, with the ability to handle a maximum delivery volume of 250 lph. The delivery volume is able to be adjusted just by changing the air flow. The pumps are equipped with spring-loaded valves and can be installed in any position, according to the manufacturer. The pump’s housing is constructed of solid PTFE conductive making it corrosion-resistant, while its conductivity permits use of the pump in explosion-hazard areas and with inflammable liquids. The pump meets all ATEX requirements for the directive 94/9/EG. Additional features include submersible operation; dry-lift capabilities; proof against overloading and dry-running; the manufacturer’s patented maintenance-free air-control system without a dead center; PTFE diaphragms; gentle liquid displacement; acceptable use in unattended continuous tests; the ability to pull samples from wells up to 50 meters; and optional connection kits for laboratory and sample pulling.