Global Processing

Pump monitor accurately controls any process, saves energy

March 25, 2003
PumpSmart 200 Version 2.1 provides expanded simplification and functionality as compared to previous PumpSmart models. For example, the number of parameters needed for set-up and start have been reduced to only seven for a single pump pressure control application. In addition, the new model allows a user to start up to three fixed speed pumps compared to only one in the earlier PumpSmart 200 model. It is a microprocessor-based, variable speed drive, programmed specifically for centrifugal pumps up to 700 horsepower. Accurate control of virtually any process parameter is obtained by the continuous monitoring and reaction to both pump conditions and system demands. Energy savings from 30 to 70 percent are obtained because, at lower demands, the new model reduces the motor speeds, eliminating the extra energy that is used to overcome pressure drop of control valves.