Processing Magazine

Quality assurance in-line sifter

August 6, 2007

Great Western Manufacturing''s QA24 In-Line sifter has a space-saving design, reliable Tru-Balance drive, pneumatic dome elevation system and is easily inspected by one person. It''s designed to be inserted directly into a vacuum or dilute phase pressure pneumatic conveying system eliminating the need for additional equipment. The QA24 is available with 2 to 5 sieves with net screen areas from 4 to 10 ft² and is ideal for dry free flowing powders. It has smooth surfaces with fewer weldments and snap-on neoprene gaskets that do not use adhesives providing a high level of sanitation. A full color 2 page brochure on the QA24 In-Line sifter is available from Great Western Manufacturing. The brochure provides detailed information, features and specifications of the QA24.