Processing Magazine

Quick-Disconnect Dewatering-Drying System

October 20, 2010
The new dewatering-drying system consists of a circular vibratory screener integrated with a circular fluid bed dryer that removes oversize and undersize particles while dewatering and drying on-size material. The 30-inch screener together with the 40-inch diameter dryer, removes up to 50 gallons water per minute, and dries up to 700 lbs of on-size particles per hour. The screener is equipped with an imbalanced-weight gyratory motor that vibrates the screening chamber, which is suspended on springs. Undersize fines and water pass through the lower screen onto an integral metal chute and through a third spout for reprocessing. The circular fluid bed dryer is typically half the size and weight of a rectangular fluid bed dryer of equivalent capacity, according to the manufacturer. Inherent strength of the circular processor eliminates the need for heavy-gauge walls and cross braces otherwise required to withstand continuous vibration, allowing vibratory motors to be downsized. The circular unit also requires only one air inlet and outlet and has fewer weld seams, reducing overall size and construction cost, especially when finished to 3-A, FDA, and BISSC sanitary standards. Cleaning time is reduced by the interior seams and accessibility afforded by a quick-disconnect housing.