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Radial flow membrane contractor is resistant to aggressive ink, coating solutions

June 25, 2007

Membrana is pleased to announce the full commercialization of its 2 x 6 SuperPhobic® Radial Flow Membrane Contactor. The SuperPhobic 2 x 6 Membrane Contactor is an all polyolefin degassing device that is resistant to many aggressive ink and coating solutions and various solvents. It is small and compact and provides in-line degassing and debubbling of low surface tension solutions. The 2 x 6 Membrane Contactor utilizes a radial flow path through the contactor to maximize the surface area and optimize degassing efficiency. Hollow fiber membrane is knit into a fabric array and wound around a central distribution tube. Liquid flows through the distribution tube, which is parallel to the hollow fiber membrane. The liquid is forced radially over the membrane and exits the contactor through a side port in the housing.