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RAPID RESPONSE electric heat exchanger receives patent

November 14, 2005

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted Watlow Electric Manufacturing Company with a patent on its RAPID RESPONSE electric heat exchanger, an innovative circulation heater for gases and other fluids. The RAPID RESPONSE electric heat exchanger quickly and effectively heats gases and fluids as they circulate through the unit’s tubular design. It offers users a quick response rate and peak performance in high-pressure conditions, making it ideal for applications requiring a high degree of precision. Applications include solvent replacement, fuel cell gas heating, biomass extraction, refrigeration systems, gas heating, humidity generation, bio reclamation, and aerospace, food and deionized water heating. The product was developed around Watlow’s WATROD electric heating element, placed inside of a tube designed to accommodate process temperature and pressure. A wide range of special fittings on the ends of the outer tube facilitates transition to both the fluid and WATROD electrical terminations. The RAPID RESPONSE electric heat exchanger can be custom-configured, allowing it to fit into small areas without sacrificing wattage. It also boasts integral temperature sensing to help users optimize their systems and refine processes. In addition, the exchanger’s design enhances circulation and provides excellent convective film coefficients, even under low flow conditions. Watlow’s heat exchanger is also extremely energy efficient. Since the entire heater is immersed in the circulated chemistry, it virtually eliminates heat loss to the surrounding environment. In some applications, heat loss can be reduced further through the use of molded insulation surrounding the heating element.