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Recycled Plastic Tank Bridge Passes Department of Defense Inspection

October 19, 2010
Business Wire reports, Axion International announced that the Army Corps of Engineers recently released an inspection report focused on one of the two tank bridges constructed last year for the Department of Defense at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. The report, a 115-page document, titled “Field Testing and Load Rating of the World’s First Thermoplastic Bridge”, incorporates a broad spectrum of data collected over the bridge’s first full year of service. The Army Corps of Engineers Report culled data from 57 strain transducers and seven vertical displacement sensors that have been in operation since the bridge was dedicated in September 2009. Tests were conducted first by driving 36-ton dump trucks and later 72-ton M1 tanks. Developed in conjunction with Rutgers University’s Materials Sciences and Engineering Department, Axion’s RSC is inert and contains no toxic materials. It is impervious to insect infestation, will never leach toxic chemicals nor warp. Because it is lighter than traditional materials, transporting RSC is less expensive and reduces energy costs. In addition, RSC is completely recyclable at the end of its functional life. Copies of the report are available for download at: