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Redesigned automated septage receiving system filters trash before plant entry

August 3, 2009
The automated septage receiving system uses a combination of grinding, solids removal, washing and dewatering to remove unwanted trash before septage is allowed to enter a wastewater treatment plant. The pivoting auger assembly allows for easy maintenance and minimizes overhead requirements needed to remove the auger from the tank. This allows for easy inspection and removal. It features an auger screen with ΒΌ-inch perforations that removes far more unwanted solids and trash than bar screens, according to the manufacturer. The patented dual compartment compaction zone provides significant additional dewatering. The unique dewatering segment prevents material from wrapping around the shaft. Additional filters keep the spray wash systems operating trouble-free, even when reclaimed water is used. An optional control system is available that monitors septage flow and provides a receipt for haulers and accurate billing data for plant managers. The Controller redesign separates the controls that the driver needs to access from the controls the owner needs for operation.