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Repeatable, Reliable Distance Measurement PRT-Based Sensors

April 13, 2010
The sensors are ideally-suited for use in applications where standard background suppression sensors reach their maximum range, or where a long range sensor with a small light spot is required. These cost-effective sensors provide distance measurements from 200 mm up to 8 m with repeatable accuracy of <5 mm, with resolution of 1 mm and response time as fast as 10 ms, regardless of target surface, according to the manufacturer. Pulse Ranging Technology is an advanced method of distance measurement that provides more precise measurement than phase correlation and time-of-flight techniques. At just 88 mm x 26 mm x 54 mm, the compact PRT-based sensors feature a visible red laser light source with a small, well defined light spot for quick, accurate alignment. These sensors offer a simple one-touch “teach” process, are immune to cross-talk and provide reliable operation in temperatures ranging from -22 up to 122 degrees F. They operate at 10-30 VDC with maximum load current of 100 mA, and feature two 4-in-1 discrete outputs. Available options include a 4-20 mA analog output, as well as an IO-Link of Com 2 interface.