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Report Says Chinese iPhone Workers Poisoned By Chemical

October 26, 2010
An Australian media report said, workers assembling Apple computers and iPhones in southern China have spent months in the hospital after being exposed to a harmful chemical, reports the Associated Foreign Press. An Australian Broadcasting Corporation journalist said he gained access to the Number Five People''s Hospital in Suzhou where he spoke to a group of women who said they were left unable to walk after being exposed to n-hexane. The report said the women had been in the hospital for more than six months after working in a cramped and airless factory producing what they believed to be genuine Apple laptops and iPhones. The ABC did not name the small factory or say when the women had been working there, but said they had retained components of the devices they had been working on which they showed to the reporter. Apple, which did not confirm that it had sourced products from factories in Suzhou, said it had strict requirements on workplace safety for all suppliers. Click here for more news...