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Retractable Coils Increase Heat Exchanger Life

August 23, 2010
The fluoroplastic coiled tubing is a spiral formed tube manufactured in FEP or PFA that consists of a single or double retractable coil in a single tube. In heat exchanger transport lines, fluoropolymer retractable coils offer a non-stick, bacteria free transport of de-ionized water and other corrosive media. The fluoropolymer tubing, with its less than 0.01-percent moisture absorption, withstands almost any harsh chemicals, except those with fluorine and alkali metals. Based on these properties, corrosion and contaminants will not damage Fluoropolymer coiled tubing and the result is a leak free, low maintenance alternative to metallic tubing. In addition to corrosion resistance, the coils operate in temperatures up to 500 degrees F. Product sizes range from 1/8- up to ¾-inch I.D. with lengths up to 4 feet compressed (12 feet expanded).