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Rigid Shaft Couplings for Securely Joining Shafts

November 15, 2011

A new line of rigid shaft couplings for securely joining shafts used in a wide range of unsupported drive system applications has been introduced by Stafford Manufacturing Corp. of Wilmington, Mass. Stafford Dual-Keyed Couplings feature axial and annular keyways to transmit torque while restraining lateral motion for securely mounting unsupported and suspended shafts. Ideally suited for use with pumps and mixers, these shaft couplings are offered in a wide range of sizes and come with straight or stepped bores to permit the joining of dissimilar shafts. Featuring axial and annular keyways machined to customer specifications, Stafford Dual-Keyed Couplings are offered in 1-inch to 5-inch I.D. sizes and are available in steel, stainless steel and aluminum.