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Rotary Gas Meter Tester Provides Accurate Differential Pressure Measurement

August 30, 2010
The rotary gas meter tester allows instrument technicians to accurately measure the pressure drop across rotary vane positive displacement meters. To avoid the uncertainty caused by the pulsation associated with rotary meter drop tests, the unit features special firmware designed to mathematically average DP readings over the test period. When the averaging feature is active, the unit takes pressure readings over the user-defined period of time and, at the end of the test interval, displays the true average of the readings. This minimizes the effects of pulsating pressure and surges in flow. Minimum and Maximum pressures recorded during the test period can also be displayed. The end result is an accurate and consistent measure of pressure drop across the meter. Comparison of a meter’s drop test results over time will identify faulty meters that need service or replacement. The unit ultimately helps to minimization revenue lost through inaccurate billing. Rotary Vane Positive Displacement Meters are used to bill commercial, large residential and small industrial accounts. The gas meter is tailored for use for lines with pressures to 150 PSIG — it is not designed for transcontinental gas lines where higher line pressures are present.