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Rubber check valve prevents flooding and sewage odor emanation from discharge pipes

April 14, 2008
LarFlex is a versatile rubber check valve that can be used in the majority of pipe systems, both vertical and horizontal applications to stop reverse flow. LarFlex is also capable of handling heavy slurries without the problems experienced by many swing check valves. It’s easy to install and is tested and approved for up to 150 psig of backpressure. How does it work? Flow in the check valve release direction causes a pressure build-up against the membrane causing the membrane to open just enough to allow the liquid to flow unhindered. If flow occurs from the opposite direction, the fluid places pressure against the walls of the membrane causing it to close and prevent backflow. This blocks the pipe against back flow; neither fluid nor air can pass into through the pipe. LarFlex is available for 1” – 96” in numerous configurations and materials.