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Rugged, long-life LED luminaires

December 14, 2005
Ideal for illuminating heat-sensitive processes and use in applications where exceptional reliability and long operating life are required, the new Lumiglas miniature LED luminaires from L.J. Star provide service well beyond that of conventional filament light sources.

The new lights have an operating life of approximately 100,000 hours… nearly eleven and a half years of maintenance-free operation. And the two available models produce 93 and 120 foot-candles of power (1000 and 1300 lux at one meter) with no heat radiation from the lens.

Applications for the new LED luminaires may be found in a variety of pharmaceutical. Biotech, chemical and food processing applications, especially those where illumination of small to medium-sized vessels is required and either eliminating heat exposure or minimizing lamp maintenance are important considerations. Since they lack fragile filaments, the lights are inherently impact and vibration resistant so use in unprotected and harsh duty applications is also possible.

Two versions of these LED lights are currently available; one using a 96-diode array rated at 93 foot-candles or one using 7 high-capacity diodes that produce121 foot-candle illumination. In either case the mounting is 316 stainless steel, NEMA 4X and IP65, identical to that of the widely used USL 15 or 35 halogen-lamp luminaire, having a barrel length of 6.1 inches (155 mm) and 2.75 inches in diameter (70 mm). Both are momentary pushbutton actuated as standard. They are readily mounted on a sightport flange with a stainless steel bracket or directly onto a sanitary fitting for sterile applications. For food applications a plastic lens may be provided.