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Rupture detection system eliminates expensive rewiring costs

November 4, 2009
Standard rupture disc sensors require replacement or expensive rewiring after one use, and are often in contact with the process flow, creating possible leak paths. To provide non-invasive and cost-effective burst detection for rupture discs, the manufacturer offers the non-invasive rupture detection system. The unit is designed to work with the manufacturer’s rupture disc, offering a practical solution for rupture disc detection needs. The sensor operates on a simple reed-switch and magnet technology, fitting into the holder with a magnet poised over the rupture disc. When the disc bursts, the magnet and disc arc away from the sensor, creating an open circuit signal. After rupturing, the disc is the only element that needs to be replaced, eliminating expensive sensor rewiring costs. Since the sensor is never in contact with the process flow, there are no potential leak paths. Its non-invasive design is unaffected by downstream pressure fluctuations or corrosion.