Processing Magazine

Sanitary lock-out clamp limits access to hazardous piping

July 23, 2007

Safety clamp allows the clamp to be positively locked, ensuring that only authorized personnel have access to the clamp. The new lock-out clamp from L.J. Star is designed for use with hazardous high-temperature piping lines often associated with steam and CIP/SIP cleaning processes. The new locking clamp is an adaptation of the shrouded clamp – a standard product in the broader SH safety clamp line. The hex-head nut that secures the clamp is covered by an extended shroud that accepts a small combination lock or key lock. This prevents a hex wrench from reaching the bold head, making unauthorized access virtually impossible. The new clamps are formed of 316 stainless steel with 304 stainless steel a common optional choice. Standard sizes range from ½-inch to 4-inches with custom sizes also an option.