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Save energy costs and solve environmental problems by cleaning iron ore

February 26, 2009
The system consists of an inlet filter, a wash air fan, a DeDuster®, a high efficiency cyclone, a cyclone for wet dust recovery, and an exhaust air fan. The system operates as an open-loop system. Ambient air is pulled by the wash air fan through an inlet filter and pushed into the DeDuster® for “air washing” the iron ore pellets. The patented air wash decks and other patented features of the DeDuster® provide an excellent cleaning of the iron ore pellets. The removed dust is pulled into a high efficiency cyclone by an exhaust air fan. The dust and coarse parts are separated in the cyclone and recovered under the cyclone. The pre-cleaned air is pulled into a second cyclone with wet cleaning. The remaining fine dust is washed out and also recovered under the cyclone. The recovered dust and coarse particles are transported to a pelletizing system after drying. This recovery system makes sure that no iron ore is lost. The cleaned air is released to the atmosphere. As a side effect, the environment in the plant became much cleaner because of the DeDusting.