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Scott Specialty Gases passes EPA accuracy audit of calibration gases

April 23, 2004
The EPA recently completed an audit of source-level, tri-blend, EPA Protocol gases that were purchased from 14 vendors of specialty gases. Cylinders contained blends of SO2, NO and CO2 in a N2 balance. Two independent laboratories performed the gas analyses using Procedure G1 and found that approximately 26 percent of the gases failed to comply with 40 CFR Part 75 accuracy specifications. Mixtures produced by Scott passed each of three components tested at three different concentration levels. The audit was conducted in accordance with Section 2.1.10 of "EPA Traceability Protocol for Assay and Certification of Gaseous Calibration Standards," September 1997, stating that the EPA will periodically assess the accuracy of calibration gases and publish the results. Results can be found at