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Self-priming floor system eliminates need for primers

December 2, 2009

The floor system incorporates a unique base coat that offers bonding often eliminating the need for a primer coat. The self-leveling formula also tolerates moisture vapor transmission up to 12 lbs. and 92 percent relative humidity that can also eliminate the need for separate moisture mitigation systems. Combined with topcoats of methyl methacrylate (MMA), these two features can reduce installation times to as few as two days from start to finish, thereby minimizing business disruption. The use of separate moisture mitigation systems creates a barrier between the concrete and the floor. This floor system utilizes components that are both self-priming and feature a built-in moisture barrier which can save several days in the installation. The custom line of hybrid flooring systems that enable users to specify a resinous flooring system designed specifically for their needs. These systems are a combination of a unique urethane base coat combined with topcoats of epoxy, MMA, or poly-aspartic resins offering a combination of features not typically found in a single resin system.