Processing Magazine

Slide gate valves handle difficult applications

September 10, 2008

For difficult applications or those involving sticky, abrasive, or corrosive materials, the Vortex® HDP® Slide Gate valve offers reliable service life for positive material shutoff. The new Vortex HDP Slide Gate is designed specifically to handle dry bulk solids in pneumatic or gravity conveying systems. The HDP can be applied to control material flow in gravity, dilute phase, or dense phase conveying systems up to 75 psig (5 bar), depending on size and modifications. It is available in 4״ to 16״ sizes (100mm to 400mm). In difficult applications, the HDP has proven to be reliable and exceeded the service life of the valves it replaced. Whether it’s cement, sand, or cullet, the HDP’s patented rising blade seals high pressure without abrading the seal, which compensates for wear over extended use and reduces the need for frequent maintenance. The HDP is also able to handle high-temperature applications, up to 450 degrees F. Adapting the Vortex HDP Slide Gate to system requirements is made easy with air, electric, or hydraulic actuators, position indication switches, and ANSI #125/150 or DIN flanges. The Vortex HDP Slide Gate also offers a wide variety of modifications to accommodate a range of temperatures, corrosive, humid, and hazardous environments. It also comes with sealed bonnet covers to eliminate safety hazards and material leakage into the plant’s environment.