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Split shaft seals for pulp and paper equipment

April 22, 2008

Meco’s patented “EAS” seals are custom-engineered to retrofit pulpers, stock chest agitators, and repulper and chip screws without equipment modification. The seals are manufactured fully-split, permitting installation and rebuilding without removal of the existing stuffing box, bearing, or drive. MECO seals are often successful where mechanical packings and traditional mechanical seals fail, because they accommodate severe shaft runout, shock loads and tub deflection. The seals’ co-rotating elastomer protects the shaft from abrasion damage. MECO seals are water-purged at zero pressure; they require less water than packed glands and will not dilute stock. The seal face pressures can be field-calibrated with no disassembly. Maintenance consists of occasional adjustments and quick rebuilds. One mill ran its EAS pulper seal for nine years of flawless service before needing to rebuild it. The seal’s split design made it a half-day project. The rugged components of the MECO EAS seal can be freely handled and even dropped without damage.