Processing Magazine

Stainless Steel Diverters Handle Problem Applications

June 16, 2010
The diverter can be used in tough or tricky gravity flow applications to divert material from one source to three destinations. The patented diverter can be used for a wide range of material applications, from sealing 300 mesh powders at a carbon black facility to diverting glass bottles at a recycling center. The unit handles non-abrasive to moderately-abrasive powders, granules and pellets. It is also ideal for food applications and for those that require a dust-tight seal to minimize cross-contamination. The diverter is engineered to channel the flow of material away from the leading edge of the flapper vane. This feature is critical to maintain seal integrity and inhibit material leakage across the closed legs of the valve. The unit comes with a side access port for easy inspection of the valve’s internal components or for easy replacement of the seals and internal mechanisms – without removing it from the conveying line. The diverter is available in available in 4- to 24-inch.