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Stainless steel vibratory conveyors reduce maintenance, power use

October 9, 2006

Key Technology expands the Iso-Flo® family of vibratory conveyors, offering new systems that improve dependability and enhance sanitation. The stainless steel Iso-Flo features a unique design that reduces maintenance and power use. Operating with low amplitude, high frequency movement, Iso-Flo minimizes product degradation and offers quieter performance. Iso-Flo uses independent, frame-mounted drive and spring arm assemblies that distribute energy equally to all parts of the conveyor bed in a controlled natural-frequency operation. This operating principle minimizes vibration being transferred to the structural support, reducing the cost of installation and enabling the conveyor to be installed exactly where it is most beneficial – suspended from overhead, supported from the floor, or mounted to other machinery. Stress contoured arms, previously available as an option on Key’s vibratory conveyors for select applications, are standard on all new Iso-Flo conveyors. These durable arms, made with proprietary next-generation fiber material, offer an operational life that is up to twice the life of traditional vibratory conveyor arms. Processors benefit from the conveyors’ durability and virtually maintenance-free operation.