Processing Magazine

Stationary Sampler for Liquid Media

June 10, 2010
The unit automatically acquires liquid samples, stores them under controlled temperatures, and measures parameters such as pH and turbidity for water, wastewater, laboratories and industrial processes. The automatic stationary sampler takes liquid samples from process streams, stores them in plastic or glass bottles for sample preservation and later analysis, and can perform up to two on-line analyses at the measuring point, according to the manufacturer. Using sensors, measurements available include nitrates, conductivity, oxygen, pH or ORP, and turbidity. Other sensors are available on a custom basis. The sensors have 4-20mA outputs. The unit can serve as a stationary sampler for fully automated removal and temperature-controlled storage of liquid media. It can also be configured with sensors for use as a measuring station in municipal and industrial sewage treatment plants, laboratories and water conservancy boards, or industrial processes. An integrated data logger records analyzer values, temperature of the samples, time of sampling, etc. The operator interface has an LCD display, menu-guided operations, four operating keys, Field Data Manager software, and an interface to a PC for transmitting digital data. The system has two digital inputs, two analog inputs, two analog outputs, a cleaning function and an alarm relay. The station with temperature control operates in ambient temperatures of -20 to 40 degrees C; without temperature control, it operates in 0 to 40 degrees C.