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Steam Valves with Interchangeable Coils

February 13, 2012

To help customers improve the system stability and reduce the operating costs of their steam applications, Danfoss is launching a new range of steam valves with interchangeable coils. Designed to meet a range of steam process needs, the versatile range combines flexibility with high performance. The new steam range currently consists of two valves: the EV215B and the EV225B. Made from dezincification resistant brass, and with a floating polymer disc and a stainless steel seat, the valve bodies are extremely resilient, according to the manufacturer. What makes the range truly versatile is that by attaching one of three different coils — designed to cope with temperatures up to 140 C, 160 C or 185 C — the valves can be tailored to meet a range of application needs. All the coils are clip-on, which make mounting and service quick and easy. And with an IP65, the two coils are highly resistant to aggressive technical steam and impurities.