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Storms Delay Drilling for Final BP Well Plug

August 11, 2010

According to the Associated Press, approaching storms forced crews to suspend drilling the final stretch of a relief well aimed at shooting a permanent underground plug into BP''s busted oil well in the Gulf of Mexico, the government''s point man for the disaster said Tuesday. The suspension could mean a delay of two or three days in completing the relief well, one of the last steps toward ending any threat from the well that spewed more than 200 million gallons of oil over three months before a temporary cap sealed it in mid-July. Crews will pop in a temporary plug to keep what they''ve drilled so far safe, but they won''t send workers back to land. They have about 30 feet left to drill. No oil has spilled since the temporary cap was mounted on top of the broken well and closed in mid-July. The new well is meant to allow BP PLC to pump mud and cement into the broken one from deep underground for a so-called bottom kill, a permanent seal that would complement a mud and cement plug injected into the top of the well last week.