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Syngenta Honored for Innovations that Help Feed the World

May 10, 2010
BIO International Convention attendees have honored Syngenta with an award recognizing its achievements in crop productivity innovations that help feed the world, according to a press release from CNW. The BIO International Convention is the largest global event for the biotechnology industry. The Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) has established a practice of honoring companies in the categories of "Healing, Feeding and Fueling the World" based on a pre-conference poll of attendees. Syngenta was named the "Buzz of BIO" award winner in the "Feeding the World" category by attendees at this year''s BIO International Convention. The main focus of Syngenta''s biotechnology research is the development of new field crop and vegetable seeds that offer higher yield per acre, higher crop quality and more nutritious crops. Syngenta researchers use a combination of methods, including conventional breeding, genetic modification and marker-assisted breeding, to help accelerate the rate of innovation in seeds.