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The 10 most promising new drugs

May 6, 2009
BusinessWeek reports that Standard & Poor''s RatingsDirect has revealed a compilation of the most promising late-stage drugs due out over the next two years. As the pharmaceutical industry continues to march toward the patent cliff in 2010-2012, when a record amount of drug sales will lose patent protection in the U.S., some of the best-selling drugs will be exposed to generic competition. Over the last ten years, research-and-development productivity has fallen off, and as each patent expires, the pressure mounts on the industry''s R&D pipelines to produce new, significant products. The selection criteria used for the top 10 prospects is pretty straightforward—promising late-stage drugs due out over the next two years. The prospects selected are from a wide range of companies, from top-rated Big Pharma and biotechnology companies to smaller speculative-grade specialty pharmaceutical players.
• Denosumab (Osteoporosis), Amgen (S&P credit rating, A+)
• Brilinta (AZD6140; Arterial Thrombosis), AstraZeneca (S&P credit rating, AA-)
• Onglyza (Saxagliptin; Diabetes), AstraZeneca and Bristol-Myers Squibb (S&P credit rating, A+)
• Belatacept (Organ Transplants), Bristol-Myers Squibb (S&P credit rating, A+)
• Effient (Prasugrel, Platelet Inhibitor), Eli Lilly (S&P credit rating, AA)
• Embeda/Remoxy (Morphine/Oxycodone, For Pain), King Pharmaceuticals (S&P credit rating, BB)
• Cordaptive (Atherosclerosis), Merck (S&P credit rating, AA-)
• Afinitor (Everolimus; Oncology), Novartis (S&P credit rating, AA-)
• Liraglutide (Diabetes, Obesity), Novo Nordisk (S&P credit rating, A)
• Multaq (Dronedarone; Atrial Fibrillation), Sanofi-Aventis (S&P credit rating, AA-)