Processing Magazine

The minerals separator is ideal for industrial sand applications

September 3, 2009

The minerals separator is specifically designed to meet the demanding screening requirements of minerals applications, including industrial sand applications. The multi-deck stacked design provides sharp separations and maximizes fractional recovery efficiencies at high capacities. Combined with durable abrasion-resistant steel construction, the separator provides unsurpassed performance in industrial sand applications. The ability to screen at high capacities is achieved through a special multi-deck design. The design provides a large screen cloth area in a compact footprint, allowing installation in a confined area. Screens are easily accessed through two discharge doors on one side of the machine. The user-friendly configuration enables quick screen changes when needed. The separator achieves high separation efficiency through a unique elliptical-linear motion. Incoming sand is distributed equally to each screen deck level and then uniformly spread across each screen surface. The elongated stroke of the machine also provides effective blinding control allowing near-horizontal screen deck angles. This guarantees sharp separations since the screen cloth openings used can be very near to the actual specified mesh or micron opening. The result is an unbeatable combination of high capacity and high separation efficiency. Abrasion-resistant steel construction in all product contact components and replaceable "rock-box" grating on all material landing areas is standard. The reaction drive incorporates a single cartridge design with two spherical roller bearings rated for 200,000 hours of service life. The external drive location enables easy maintenance access when required and allows the separator to operate at material temperatures up to 400° F (205° C).