Processing Magazine

Thermoplastic, Low-Profile Sump Pump Eliminates Corrosion, Runs Dry

October 12, 2010

The thermoplastic pump features a close-coupled, cantilevered shaft that reduces headroom requirements and eliminates immersed bearings. Hard coupling of the drive shaft to the motor shaft reduces height above the mounting plate by about 50 percent, allowing the pump to fit in restricted areas commonly encountered in replacement and OEM applications, while lowering the center of gravity. The cantilevered, large diameter shaft eliminates the need for immersed bearings prone to fail in caustic, acidic and abrasive applications, and allows run-dry operation with no damage to the pump. All wetted components, including a heavy wall shaft sleeve, are molded of solid Polypropylene, PVDF or CPVC, eliminating corrosion associated with pumps constructed of stainless steel and high alloys, as well as delamination and wicking related to plastic-lined and fiberglass pumps. The pump is also rated for handling of reagent grade chemicals, high purity water and other fluids that must remain free of contamination. Available in lengths to 4 ft. with motors to 125 hp, the pump handles flows to 800 gpm and heads to 180 ft. at temperatures to 275 degrees F.