Processing Magazine

THM Analyzer

January 5, 2012

Developed by the Parker Instrumentation Products Division (IPD), the THM Analyzer is an integrated Purge-and-Trap Gas Chromatograph (GC) that provides results without sample preparation. Parker’s new analyzer can help operators optimize water treatment at the plant and evaluate water age in the distribution system for improved control over the formation of THMs. The Parker THM Analyzer provides drinking water treatment plants and water distribution facilities with an important tool to help deliver safe drinking water to the public.

The THM Analyzer was designed for high-precision, high accuracy measurement of THM and offers a full complement of calibration and quantitation routines. With the push of a button, the analyzer provides sample purging, THM component separation, and data analysis.

Offered in a complete analytical package, the Parker THM Analyzer features a touch screen for status indication and basic data results display. Analyzer calibration is streamlined with detailed menu options, while push-button operation simplifies building calibration curves and quantifying sample results.