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Top beef producer closes plants due to ‘pink slime’ scare

March 28, 2012

DAKOTA DUNES, S.D. — Beef Products Inc. has halted production at three of its four plants in three states for 60 days due to the controversy surrounding its ammonia-treated beef product, which has been dubbed “pink slime” by critics, Reuters reported.

Ammonia-treated beef has drawn criticism from food activists who claim the “lean finely textured beef” is not fit for human consumption.

However, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has said the meat is safe to eat.

"In the end, today''s developments are a sad day for the families of those who lost their jobs," said J. Patrick Boyle, president of the trade association American Meat Institute. "Other American families will also pay the price at the checkout counter as they see the price of ground beef begin to rise while we work to grow as many as 1.5 million more head of cattle to replace the beef that will no longer be consumed due to this manufactured scare."