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Tough Ultra Mag® flowmeter for liquids, slurries, sludge

September 12, 2005
With its rugged NSF-approved epoxy liner that also provides outstanding electrical insulating properties, the Ultra Mag® Flowmeter from McCrometer combines flow measurement accuracy in liquids, slurries and sludge with low maintenance and long-life to set a new standard for performance, ease-of-use and value. The electromagnetic flowmeter is field-proven to meet the specific needs of users in the water and process control industries. It employs a unique UltraLiner™ technology to give users an exceptionally accurate, reliable and durable instrument. Process and plant engineers who have in the past had to trade-off accuracy in harsh environments against low maintenance and long-life, will find the Ultra Mag to be the ideal solution—especially in slurries and sludge. The Ultra Mag measures flow with a non-intrusive sensing element, which means debris and solids will not clog the line or cause excessive wear. Combined with the superior abrasion and corrosion resistance of McCrometer’s fusion-bonded epoxy UltraLiner, this magmeter is a superior choice for installation in hard-to-reach areas and applications requiring minimal maintenance in tough environments.