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Transmitter delivers best measurement performance for upstream production applications

February 24, 2009

Net Oil Computer (NOC) with Multivariable Digital Technology delivers increased accuracy and stability of upstream flow, density, and water cut measurements. MVD delivers unique in-situ meter verification for powerful and easy-to-use diagnostic capabilities, as well as improved measurement performance in the presence of gas carry-under and break out. The Micro Motion Series 3000 NOC delivers transmitter and PLC capabilities in a simple, four-wire instrument that can be used for new installations or retrofitted on existing Coriolis sensors. In addition, it can also be integrated with water cut probe installations. The unit offers huge benefits to upstream production applications by providing the absolute best measurement accuracy and performance, according to the manufacturer. Installation is quick and easy with a simple 4-wire connection. Several new and valuable features for managing well testing have also been added. The MVD technology makes Coriolis meters work smarter with front-end digital signal processing that dramatically reduces signal noise and gives a faster response time compared to analogue devices. MVD also enables the latest in diagnostic capability with the unique and powerful Micro Motion Meter Verification function. This verifies meter health without secondary references or removing the meter from the line, providing considerable savings in operating costs. Meter verification software is used to analyze actual Coriolis tubes, sensor and electronics performance, tracking any changes over time. The transmitter is designed for use with two-phase, three-phase, or compact separators, including the GLCC (Gas-Liquid Cylindrical Cyclone). The easy-to-use, oversized, backlit display with large, tactile-feedback pushbuttons enable configuration, operation, and maintenance. Field, rack and panel mount versions are available and the range includes IP67 and NEMA 4X field-mount enclosures. Modbus and HART® Communications allow configuration and troubleshooting devices to be used.