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Transmitters Take Advantage of Lean Manufacturing

August 19, 2010
The new line of M-Class transmitters makes it easier for plants to upgrade to digital communications systems such as HART and WirelessHART. The M-Class allows users to install instruments on an as-needed basis. The transmitters have a 4-20mA two-wire analog output with superimposed HART 6.0 digital communications. Remote operation is available via a HART Field Communicator handheld terminal or the wireless Field Xpert PDA with an integrated 3.5 in. touch screen. The transmitters can also be configured with the company’s FieldCare asset management tool, based on FDT technology. An optional four-line LCD can be used for local display and operation on the transmitters. The local display shows measured values and dialog texts as well as fault and notice messages in plain text, thereby supporting the user at every stage of operation. The transmitters can be mounted on a tank, wall or pipe—in either a vertical or a horizontal orientation. The turn-able display makes it easy to operate the transmitter and read the measured values with either orientation.