Processing Magazine

Tubing helps operators see

September 22, 2009

The tubing features a low refractive index, making it ideal for applications where operators must visually monitor materials passing through the tube. It is available in a variety of configurations and sizes and extrusion lengths can exceed 1,000 ft. This tubing is also chemically inert, odorless, taste-less, non-wetting and non-leaching. It is often used in fluid and material handling applications such as food & beverage, chemical transfer or even downhole. In addition, because it is FDA & USP Class VI compliant, it is widely used in medical applications also. The tubing is offered in sizes from 0.004 inches up to 4 inches in diameter, depending on the configuration, and capable of operating at temperatures up to 400 degrees F. It is available in smoothbore, heat shrink, convoluted, or as a corrugated tube.