Processing Magazine

Turbo-Inductor speeds trailer unloading

September 18, 2006

Cyclonaire Corporation’s Turbo-Inductor system is a fast, efficient new way to unload bulk materials at high rates over long distances from pneumatic bulk trailers. When trailers cannot discharge close to storage facilities, the longer distance results in longer unloading times. The Turbo-Inductor overcomes the problem by enabling trailers with standard convey lines to be unloaded at much higher rates – without any modifications to the trailers. The Turbo-Inductor System is self-contained and comes mounted on a modular skid that includes the Turbo-Inductor, a blower sized specifically for the application, hose connections, and a NEMA-4 panel that automatically controls airflow based on line pressure. Each system is engineered to fit the demands of a particular facility. Line size and airflow are adjusted for such factors as the convey line length, number of elbows, and the desired unloading rate of the product to be transferred. With the Turbo-Inductor, there is no need to use a tractor-mounted blower, thereby saving fuel and wear and tear on the equipment, nor is the trailer modified in any way. Once the unit is set up at a particular plant or storage facility, unloading operations are routine and require minimal operator attention.