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Turn up the pressure with this new 10,000 PSI positive displacement plunger pump

February 16, 2009

By popular demand, this new pump has been added to the manufacturer’s line of triplex positive displacement pumps. The pump delivers an exceptionally smooth, low pulsation flow of 3 GPM @ 10,000 PSI. It also has a low unswept volume [minimal un-evacuated liquid remains in the pumping chamber] resulting in maximum volumetric efficiency. The 1810 triplex positive displacement pump has a compact footprint for both portable and stationary installation and can be used with a variety of applications such as, hydrostatic testing, chemical testing, surface prep-tube cleaning, and many more. Custom features include: a 304 stainless steel block-style manifold; high strength plunger rods; oversized bearings; chrome-moly crankshaft; ceramic plungers; custom Delrin seals; and more. Optional 15,000 PSI Rupture disc, Regulating Relief Valve and Pressure Gauge complete this pump package. Each pump can be fitted with optional adapters for standard NPT connection.