Processing Magazine

Two Compressors, One Cabinet

March 1, 2010
The new 2-in-1 compressors are the company’s latest innovation in progressive air system technology. It is the first of its kind featuring two independently operating compressors in a single enclosure. These new packages are available from 500-650 hp, and deliver flows from 1632-3002 cfm and pressures from 100-217 psig. Each HSD incorporates two individual compressor units including a motor, Sigma Profile air-end, separator aftercooler, draintrap and filtration. Because each module is a complete compressor – and not just two air-ends stacked together – the unit provides maximum part-load efficiency, built-in redundancy, and reduced installation costs. The compressor units are started one after another to reduce inrush current and protect against network overload. Both compressor units have dedicated Sigma Controls connected via Profibus for energy efficient sequencing and fully automatic monitoring of critical operating and maintenance indicators.